Monday, October 1, 2007

An addition to our family


Meet Spencer!

I casually mentioned to my husband on Saturday that perhaps it was time we started perusing the selections at the local animal shelters. Gretchen recently turned 2 and she is pretty well trained for us now and she is so high energy (as a border collie/spaniel mix would be!) and coming on winter it was time to start looking for her new buddy. I don't think either one of us envisioned that we'd find one right off the bat, or that we'd get so lucky and he'd be so cute. Spencer is an 11 mos old german short hair pointer mix. he is our first wirehair. He is very well-behaved--so far! we'll see what I say two weeks from now. Gretchen and Spencer's energy levels mix well. We called our vet on saturday before we introduced gretchen and that was the one thing she said we would be happy about.... so far, so great! And, so far, Gretchen is IN CHARGE. Spencer likes us, and likes her too. He really prefers if one of us is around so that is good, we don't want him to bond too tightly to her, as that will make it hard to train him. And Gretchen still prefers her alone time, and her Mom time, so I'm making sure I'm paying attention to that also. Spencer came from a family home so he likes children and he's had some basic command training. He's had some trouble adjusting to ringing the bell to go outside, so btw that and the "new house" we've had a couple of accidents, but we're adjusting.

and, I can't even begin to express how excited Madaline and Gabriel are about a new puppy in the house....
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Lynda said...

That is one cute pup.

Debi said...

Awww...he is adorable!

cj said...

He is too cute! Congrats on the new addition.