Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Books books books

I love books. Recently I finished The Water Mirror by Kai Meyer. Book one of the dark reflections. This is another young adult book I just found fascinating. Set in Venice, in a timeframe oddly parellel. it is about orphans, light and shadow, water and stone. Venice is the island under siege. the world is a different place and egypt is under control, but Hell could help out! Flying stone lions, and mermaids are in this book, along with the Flowing Queen, is she a goddess, or an essence? read the book to find out!

and one more: A Harvest of Changelings by Warren Rochelle. This book was about a man (Ben) who married a Fairie and they had a son. This son, along with three others formed a tetrad, and they were called back to the Other world once they reached puberty. Ben must help his son get to the Fairy gate, amid all sorts of "happenings" around that crazy Samhein in North Carolina. This book mixed celtic beliefs and Christianity, which I liked. I was kind of confused about it all happening in NC, which was never really explained, and there were other parts that were skimmed over, but all in all an ok read.

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