Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Breaking up is hard to do

But we're parting our ways. I'm done with these guys. probably for simply one reason: to quote Veronica, boy socks take forever!

and while I had fun, the fun eventually had to end, as with all relationships.

I am a starter knitter, heck, I am a starter project person. I'm a process person. I'm all about ideas. and I'm a scanner. I used to worry about my often hysterical curiousity, but no more. I'm too old to worry about it. If I get bored with doing something, because the process no longer interests me, I just set it aside for another day. Learning as much as I can about different things, sure makes me a better environmental consultant.... but it can lead to comments from well meaning? folks regarding my projects like, uhm you still aren't done with that? or wow, how long have you been working on that? I just sigh inwardly and say to myself, I don't ask you to explain yourself on your choices, lets not start on mine. Outside, I just say yep. I used to say, I'm ADD on projects, but then I rethot that line because that is an actual disease and flailing at it is not fair to those folks that actually have it. perhaps I just need to ask them why it bothers them so much or why they feel the need to comment?

And Zhenya, we need to get me started on those toe-ups--next project, I promise. I ran out of yarn on the second sock... same yarn, same process, etc. so if you could see the second sock, you'd see about a 1/2 inch extra Lorna's Laces on the toe. I did find someone on Rav that had the Claudia's but I got impatient and just wanted to be done.

Now, to the pattern details: Garter Rib by Charlene Schurch in Sensational Knitted Socks
Yarn: Claudia's Handpainted Yarns, Fingering weight, Color: Boot Camp
Yarn: Lorna's Laces, Fingering Weight, Color: Chocolate
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melissa said...

Ahh heck, the Man wears shoes, who sees the toes? He is still lucky to have a pair of expertly hand knitted socks, no matter how long it took to finish them.

People should have small feet if they want special socks. the monotony of knitting an 11 inch foot is amazing.