Monday, April 7, 2008

catch up

Hey look!! I'm done with the scrap quilt I was making for my friend called "pie chart.". once I figured out that you really do need to follow the pattern directions, it moved right along. I've actually been done for awhile, just needed to post pix. This is what I was working on during my 10 minutes per day quilting time inspired by I will use this pattern again, I did like how the pattern turned out--and it worked out great with scrap fabrics!


In other news, I didn't make it through round 2 of sock madness... bummer! the pattern for round 2 really slowed me down. I did however learn how to make a garter stitch short row heel! this was cool. I will definitely try again next year.

I'm in another sock game. just started last week and I've already been notified my socks are on their way. this is ok, I'll just keep knitting until they arrive, the pattern is fun.

I'm not sure spring is ever going to seriously arrive here in central IA. my crocuses are up, tulips are pushing their way, other plants are budding, yet snow/rain mix predicted for the rest of the week. blech. I need some seriously sunny days. We did get some good yard clean up done (without the sun) on sunday, and our peas are planted!
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diva of quilts said...

That quilt turned out really cute!. I love the colors!

Beth said...

You did a great job!