Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Another finished pair off the needles

I finally finished my pair of SKP (sock knitter's pentathalon) socks for March/April. (SKP2008 is closed for this year, but stay tuned for next year!) It was a nice pattern to follow. I will probably do it again. Please do not enlarge pattern to view mistakes. I used Sandness Garn Lanett for the yarn which I bought at my friend Amber's shop MisKnits in Kansas City. I really really liked this yarn for socks! On the gardening front, it is SPRING. I'm calling it it my yard. I have tons of green pushing its way to the sun. and blooms galore and blooms teasing me. I do have some daffodils not blooming that should be that I'm wondering didn't take a harder hit in last years' freeze than I thought. Some need to be divided so I will be doing that also this year. Always a to do list, isn't there? The peas we planted about 10 days ago are poking their heads through, grateful to see the sun and feel the warmth. We do see some problem areas we need to address, last year's freeze thaw did hurt some grass areas that see heavy traffic from the dogs, as much as we are iffy on grass, we don't want "dirt" so we'll be fixing that, today, as a matter of fact. Also, we found garlic mustard last year, along the creek, and in one spot in the garden we have along the bike trail. It is back. So, I hit it hard with foam roundup, and we'll need to keep it on our weekly watch list. Garlic mustard is very invasive and can take over an area fast! I'll leave you today with some images of a new crocus in our garden. The crocus is crocusma "remembrance". I bought with some birthday money I received last year. O course, I bought it from one of my favorite place... White Flower Farms. pictures were taken by my husband, video made by me and picasa2. we're still learning but I think it turned out great!
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