Sunday, October 14, 2007

Catch up

Its raining outside, again, today.. so with a stomach full of some great cinnamon rolls my husband made for me this morning.. I'll try to do a little catch up. first things first.. My Secret pal overseas finally recd her first package I sent way back in Sept!! yeah. I'm so glad our guys don't do postal strikes. you know, I like mail... and I appreciate receiving more than the usual bills, so I'm glad we have more than email. and at the great prices we get for the service. I did try another way of getting her happy halloween package to her this month--we'll see how it works out.

Gardening.. end of year chores... as usual we've put them off lollygagging outside when the days were nice--its our usual way. today in btween cloud bursts, we'll try to get some bulbs planted, and I'd like to get some suet feeders filled.. we'll see how it goes, as I'm also aiming for the Elizabeth II movie this afternoon.

and for some knitting...

I've been working on some socks around here... I've got two in the works specifically because of Soctoberfest... let me show you how they look:
this one is my Monkey sock by Cookie A. I have wanted to do this pattern for a long time. I loved this Trekking yarn, hunted for it all over the place once I saw it on the internet.. and saw how someone used it on Ravelry and am loving how it looks. And it is so EASY for me. This next one I am calling my Halloween sock. I am using the Candy corn special edition yarn by Lorna's Laces. I am using the Wollmeise Sock pattern designed by Monica Jines. I downloaded the pattern off Loopy Ewe.

and here's a little preview of this... with this:

With all this knitting.. I'm getting a little TV time. perhaps too much for my psyche.

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