Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween

How appropriate that I have an update for my
The first book is a collection of short stories. The book is titled: Strange Happenings: 5 tales of transformation The author is Avi. These short stories are tales of transformations the main characters of each stories undergo. I don't recall that the transformations are positive in nature and usually are the result of some lesson learned by the character; as such I would say these tales are fairy tale in nature. There is one about a cat and a boy, I won't give anything away, but this was my favorite of the 5, especially because the story line didn't give anything away.

My second book to write about today is The Witch of Portobello by Paulo Coelho. This story was written interview style about a woman developing her goddess spirituality, intuition and techniques over time. Also, what can happen to a person if they are perceived as a healer and gain a following. And, what conditions for acceptance can be placed on a person. A line immediately into the book: "no one places her dreams in the hands of those might destroy them. no one that is, but athena." really caught my attention. but also.. it made me think.. don't we all sometimes hand our dreams over to those who don't treat them well?

So, for the RIP II, I chose Peril 1, read four books.. I believe I've done this with one to spare, yeah me! and I've pushed myself to read books I wouldn't have read otherwise--cool ones too!

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