Thursday, January 29, 2009


Lets start my catch up with my amazing swap package I received in the mail today. Isn't it cool! Schaeffer's sock the vote yarn --Hillary of course--how will I ever knit this up? My first ever skein of the infamous Wollmeise. A book from my to reads list on A two patterns from my queues, one on Ravelry and one from Now this girl was thoughtful! And check out those mittens. And they fit perfectly! Laura, you did one heck of a job--thank you very much.
And here's some projects I worked on recently... a hat for my DD's boyfriend, called oddly enough, the boyfriend hat.
And, a cowl for my mother-in-law. now, her son just needs to get it down to her! Yummy malabrigo.   and then, my souper sekrit loupy pal project.  almost done and ready to go out the door!  Woot!

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