Wednesday, April 11, 2007

A little garden sadness

Snow, wet wet snow, is falling on my garden today. with temperatures hovering around freezing this week is just not good on my plants. all those daffodils and little lillies starting to come up? we'll see. my guess is it won't be a good year for them this year or next. and the tulips that had budded? well they are done for.... alliums that were halfway up and not budded, we'll see. I think over the next few weeks, my big tasks will be adding bulb fertilizer all the way around. with hope for next year. with all the damage wreaked by the freezing temps, that greenery won't be supplying much nutrients to those bulbs!

good news? some very pretty birds have found their way to a new feeder I installed outside of my window by my computer. I have been comforted by a pair of cedar waxwings and a pair of cardinals. gorgeous views on a snowy day.

Monday, April 9, 2007

keeping my hands busy since i can't be in the dirt yet

here's a little hat I made to welcome a new little addition to our neighborhood. her name is lucie grace. isn't this pattern just adorable? the pattern is by black purl. I picked it up at my lys in dsm--knitted together. I used sockatta yarn. this is the newborn size. I love the little details, especially the picot edge. and I know barb will love the fact that it is machine washable. i took older brother over some sidewalk chalk and candy when I delivered the hat along with some baby soap. we all can only imagine what it is like sharing mom's lap at this point.....
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and, he loves me still

its march cold here in iowa..... for april that is. and my husband brought these tulips in last week in an attempt to make sure we didn't lose them all. and it worked! aren't they beautiful. but their buddies are so sad out on the ground. all 125 left out there. I don't know what we'll have left from them. but I am grateful and joyous for these, my own little taste of spring in these cold cold days.
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