Friday, September 21, 2007

its this hot in September?

I can't believe how warm it is for September 21st.. 82 degrees at noon. and today, how windy. poor plants, they are really suffering today.

I took Gretchen on a walk today (small token on my runagogo goal) and despite temps you can tell that the trees, bushes, grasses and wildlife are responding to the less daylight hours and that the Autumnal equinox is almost here.

we have plenty left to do before we call it "fall" in our yard so I'm grateful for these temps that keep the soil temp up! mainly moving some hostas from one area to another, that is the one plant goal I have for this weekend.

on the knitting front, I am sending out a package today to my SP11 secret pal. I sure hope she likes it as I tried to send her a package for her. additionally, I'm working on my hogwart's pal socks, I cannot believe some are done already! and I'm totally in love with the scarf for the red scarf project.

and, I've already fallen in love with the tilted duster, due to Ravelry.

and you thought you'd never hear from me again....

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