Monday, February 25, 2008

love, laughter, smiles, grins, hugs, and a hat

This weekend was spent with family.. the best kind of family. Giggles, laughter--we had it all. spending time with our brothers, their wives and their children, it it simply doesn't get any better. we love and adore them, they love and adore us. and as adults we've forged bonds that cross the marriage spectrum also. dean and i are very blessed. and isn't it cool that they have children the same age? Our Jess got their total attention as a child growing up, now their children get ours.

I would say that there exist a thousand unbreakable links between each of us and everything else . . . The farthest star and the mud at our feet are a family; and there is no decency or sense in honoring one thing, or a few things, and then closing the list. The pine tree, the leopard, the Platte River, and ourselves--we are at risk together, or we are on our way to a sustainable world together. We are each other's destiny.--Mary Oliver

oh, and I finished a hat! the lollipop hat. little Eric, held by dean was the lucky recipient.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Global Warming--what do you believe?

So, after all the hysteria from Al Gore has settled down what do you believe about global warming?

I believe we're coming out of an ice age. I've read several papers and understand that some of the data we're basing initial CO2 levels on is probably flawed. I also know that some places where we're capturing "baseline" temperatures whereas at one point they were in the middle of nowhere they are now surrounded by asphalt and cities, which can significantly alter their readings. I also know that capturing 50 years of climatic data, isn't a model of world changes. Hell, lets face it, we can't accurately predict the weather on a day to day basis.

On the other hand.... I also believe that, as a rule, humans are pigs and we, especially the last two gimme generations --and the one we're raising now, wow, can I see it in kids, believe that anything they want they can have instantaneously--and even more so, that they should. this has several (un)intended consequences. I use paranthesis because when we refuse to think about the effects of our actions, they become intended consequences. the whole plastic water bottle phenomena--is it really that hard to bottle water from your tap? plastic materials period... we all know, we've been told a million times that plastics are one of the hardest materials on the environment in terms of energy to produce and that once produced, here forever.. yet I don't see a lot of thought in folks as they merrily walk down the aisles of anywhere picking up plastic. esp junk plastic--that irritates me the most. or being unwilling to pay a couple more dollars for ketchup in a glass container. does it take more effort to be an efficient consumer and say no to your kids? sure it does. will it pay off in the long run? I'll let you work that out in your own head. we do it, it takes conscious thought all the time, and sure its easy to be lazy. but I just keep coming back to the idea of: I worked hard for my money and I want to spend it responsibly.

another thing that bothers me is the assumption that if it is on the shelves it must be ok... hairspray or thalidomide anyone?

the FDA or pharmaceutical companies haven't shown me they have my best interests at stake yet.

think for yourselves. its only your lives, and the lives of your grandchildren at stake.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Wow! I am so spoiled again...


All this--on a cold cold day.

Thanks Daisy! What an awesome shawl! and it is made out of sea silk. yummy! and the yarn you sent me? ready for spring colors for sure!

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Monday, February 18, 2008

Save the Date

Be the change you want the world to see

just do it

Monday, February 11, 2008

unfinished project

when is a quilt not a quilt?

when you take multiple numbers of blocks you have labored over and go to make the final strips

and, realize that half of what you've made have been put together wrong.

yes, this is why you need to read the directions.

I felt no need to post pictures, my pain was complete over the weekend.

the picture I posted here? done correctly.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

yahoo! as the other candidates drop out, one pops in

yep, you read it here.

Dolores has announced. details here.

Fibertarians Unite!

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Are you Tough Enough?

just one more reason to love cowboys..sigh

These guys have always had my heart. and now, one more reason!

I love a man in boots, hat and now, pink!

Monday, February 4, 2008

Thanks, Erica

you made my day. and articulated my thoughts on Obama.

by the way Kristol, I'm proud to be a white woman. leading around all the men by being a problem. DEAL!

let's go super tuesday!

they're back

why can't some things just stay dead and buried

like these pants...

I thought they were ugly the first time around, well ok, unless you were a three year old.

give me grace and patience, please.

I'm tired of this administration and this congress...

Rather than support that decision by spending this rebate on consumer goods, we will:

1) pay down our debts.
2) invest the money in a savings account.
3) donate the money to those working for justice, peace, social equality, and environmental responsibility.
4) and if we must spend spend spend, we will use the money to buy local, environmentally sustainable goods and services.

and we plan to do the same with any tax rebate we get also.