Wednesday, October 17, 2007

endings and beginnings

I finished Neil Gaiman's and Terry Pratchett's Good Omens: the nice and accurate prophecies of agnes nutter, witch just this morning. and apparently I've been missing something all these years. it was great. I loved the storyline, and I love the type of humor that was in this book. I appreciated the tensions between good and evil and I think it would be funny to see an american version of this.. wonder what it would be like in a movie?

And I cast on for another project. We're headed to Phoenix for Thanksgiving to celebrate my dad's 25th wedding anniversary. We'll be joined by my darling niece and nephew so I cast on for a hat for my nephew Chase. Taylor already has one for Winter from me. I'm concerned about my tension.... I usually use the larger needles as I tend to knit tightly, but I may have to go up one more as I was ok on the natural color but got tight on the yellow color... I think I might take it out (gasp) and redo with size 7's just to see how what I get.. I do want it to fit after all... I do love Morehouse Merino kits. This is the second one I have worked on.. the first one was a scarf for my husband, and I loved it.

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