Friday, December 19, 2008

Here's two pictures

Here's two pictures that made me smile today. One, a late fall blooming sedum in my yard. I love how deep the color is on this flower. and the second, is my female cat madaline, who has taken to sleeping in my sock yarn basket. Guess we all need a little warmth on these cold wintry days.
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One more 2008 FO

Here is another FO for 2008. It is the Petra Lace Scarf. This was a wonderful knit. Easy pattern to follow, and the yarn? Yummy Yummy yummy. I used elann peruvian baby cashmere. I hope my SIL likes it as I made it for her for a christmas gift. I haven't done that very often--made gifts for others outside my immediate family--in awhile. Mostly because the ones I did weren't appreciated and they are so much work. easier to not do it than feel angst over the process.
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Friday, December 5, 2008

2 months and counting

So much time....

and, what do I have to say for it?

Well, we have a new president elect. I'll let time speak for him. He was handed an awful economy. I hope he keeps his chin up. and in these days of record level job losses, that those mavericks on Wall Street, have the toughest time finding new ones.

I've been knitting, quilting and reading. doing my job during the day and letting the dogs in and out. making new friends on ravelry.

and, dealing with massive major migraines. yeah. but I've got pix. not of the migraines. I'll load them later.