Monday, May 26, 2008

look at this

isn't this a cool ATC card? I made it for the earth day swap. I also recd some cool ones. I'll upload those later. I'm so behind on my pictures. I think the lack of spring until "today' has made it hard for me to get motivated. at least this is my excuse and I'm sticking to it! I've got a long list of "to-do" but also a huge work list as usual this time of year. so it is all a balancing act--especially with the big gardening balancing act with the crazy weather. May is just darn weird this year! now, if the weather is going to be nice, you may just find me on the hammock outside. actually I hear it calling now!
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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

WOOT! its really May

the temperatures are climbing and staying warm... although cool in the mornings, our garden is (almost) in, soil temps are climbing. Yep, I'm calling May here in central Iowa.

I died in Sock Wars on Saturday. The pattern was nice and didn't confound me as much as it seemed to others. I certainly didn't like the cast on number. a 72 stitch start for a sock that begins at bottom calf is way too loose.... oh well, maybe that works for some folks, but I'm guessing not for most. I've had more "unfun" with Sock wars than fun--at mostly with pattern issues, or lack of communication with the moderator; this was my last time.

I did meet a new friend through SWIII--wave to Della. She's way cool. Head on over and meet her too. She was my target, since my death, she's been granted a reprieve.

I've got tons blooming in my yard... you'll have to wait for pix as my dear husband hasn't put them in the shared pictures file yet. He's turned into our yard photographer. As he's doing an awesome job, I'm content to let that continue!

I've also got plants that have gone missing in my yard.... between 2007's late frost and this year's hard winter, they said, ciao! It has given us an opportunity to assess some structure in our yard. I'll never never stop being a plopper, but maybe with some forethought? maybe. I went crazy, again, at the native plant sale last weekend. and the last few mornings have been planting different species in different spots throughout the yard to determine where they will do their best. Only time will tell. I did try to get plants that will bloom throughout the summer--cannot wait for the show.