Sunday, June 29, 2008

I totally struck gold

Can you believe all this rockin' cool stuff my Loopy Pal from Rolla, MO sent me? Coffee, multiple treats, an awesome lacy scarf I can already picture 3 outfits to wear with it-summer and winter!

this totally cool bag that so says summer? does she think I'm going to use it just for knittin'? heck no. this is my July bag for sure! note pads, pattern tamers!!! a cute little sock she knitted in one of my fav colors--already went onto my key ring. and great ravelry buttons. and check out the amazing stitch markers she made--aren't they beautiful? and malabrigo lace yarn. My partner rocks!

and just in time. with all the crisis around my house this last two weeks, I definitely needed a pal who could read my mind. now I need to get my bum in gear and fulfill my promises and bargains. Thanks Loopy Pal!

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Zhenya said...

What great fun! I'm going to have to join one of these swap clubs soon!