Saturday, April 26, 2008


My Caffeine Swap Partner, Susan, sent me ALL this! Look, Panda cotton, POSH yarn, Online, TWO mugs, and Trader Joe decaf. plus CANDY--WOOT! I love Swaps. Never know how much you are going to get spoiled. and it sure is a way to try new yarn you just might not have tried. Thanks girl!

Spring took a left turn and headed out of central IA. we're watching temps and looking out for frost advisories now. WTF? And my husband just doesn't want to watch his tulips take the beating they took last year, so he is cringing as they are all budding out. We're looking for a cloudy night tonight, and hoping this wind will stop bringing in more cold air. Good grief. Isn't there enough damage between last year's freeze, this year's cold winter --NO more I say, NO more!!!

Hard to believe in global warming this year......
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Zhenya said...

Wow -- what a fabulous treat! I would love to participate in one of these swaps sometime. I'm just so bad about getting to the post office that I'd hate to disappoint anyone. Still, it's cool to have people thinking about what you might like and also to spend time putting together a package of goodies for someone else.

We got unseasonable snow in Seattle this month, too. I'll think warm thoughts for your tulips!