Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Dead, again

Look what arrived today!!!
Aren't these beautiful? new socks from a knitting partner in a game called sockquest. and little treats too, aren't I lucky?
and aren't they smashing on me?

and now, I send, my socks back to her... I learned a new technique working on these socks. Two socks at one time on magic loop. WOOT! It was a little fiddly at first, but then it flowed well.

hmm, I wonder what my next project is... oh, yeah, that's right, sock pentathalon socks.. dean's socks.. Jess's projects, a new quilt, my garden and that pesky thing called work!
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Zhenya said...

What great socks you received! Glad the magic-loop two-fer worked out for you. Look forward to seeing the finished socks!