Monday, April 14, 2008

look what the postman delivered today


another little package from the loopy ewe. I LOVE the LOOPY EWE. Sheri has the most amazing selection and she's always ready and willing to answer questions when I want to make pattern substitutions.

and this little treat I received today? just one more thoughtful package Sheri put together. Its called don't be blue. its for those of us that didn't make it into the 2008 sock club this year. I ordered on sat, recd today. ROCK on. smooshy yarn and a pattern called ankle biters. right into the queue it went.

last week I ordered my yarn for the loopy swap. I can't wait to spoil my partner. and with that order, I became a loopy groupie. we'll see what happens next.

ssshhhh. don't tell anyone, but spring may have arrived. temperature forecasts indicate no more freakin' snow. we'll see, last year we sure we're surprised! but my yard is yearning for the sun, ME too. I'm trying to stay positive and am just grateful for the sun today.

I'm also grateful that I'm 97% done with taxes, and that once again, I managed our money well enough to only owe the govt $200. This is my goal every year. I refuse to use the feds as a savings acct (uhhmm, interest free, duh!)so I strive for no refund, and yet, who wants a big tax bill? its been a little bit more interesting since I've become self employed but its worked out ok both years.
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Megan said...

That yarn is so pretty! TLE is my only addiction, I keep wanting to tell Sheri that she needs to block my account from purchases. I can't help but :drool: Good thing we don't live any closer huh?!