Monday, September 3, 2007

And, its been awhile...

Carl, has this awesome idea for a reading challenge, RIP II, and since my third favorite thing to do, is read! I'm all for it. I haven't decided which peril I will undertake, but I plan to do that before the end of the week. Gothic horror isn't my usual genre, but it could be this fall!

We recently scored big on plants--150 free ones to be exact so this last week has been busy with planting a few plants at a time. My fall allergies have been extreme so I can only be outside moments before I rush back in and wash off pollen and rest for awhile. We also added more plants to the cul-de-sac planting out front. We still have some to go, esp in the new patio garden we are putting in out back.. but we are taking today off literally. Altho I did have to go water some new plants we put in yesterday at one of my rain gardens in town.

On the knitting front, sad to say, but I died... my beautiful socks from Scotland arrived in my socks of death game. I sent my SIP's back to her. I couldn't get into that pattern, I found it boring and just well, very uninspiring.

I'm working on my HP pals socks and looking toward fall patterns.

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Court said...

Any ideas what you're planning on reading for the RIP challenge yet? :) It's a very fun challenge to get involved in.