Wednesday, September 8, 2010

what do I want less of

It is wishcasting wednesday... and the prompt was: what do I want less of

Have you ever started something and then had little roadblocks pop up to test your willingness/ability to follow through? right, who hasn't...

recently I started working out in a fitness bootcamp....starts at 530 am. should be easy enough, I'm an early riser and no time conflicts. HA! I went the first week struggling with staying asleep all night due to migraine med changes. It is very hard to get up and go, let alone stay, at a hard workout when you've actually been up since 2 am all week long! So, there has been little things here and there, not precluding family crisis. Last nite my husband and I spent most of the nite at Iowa State University's Vet Med Animal Clinic. One of our dogs has been coughing and it accelerated to coughing so much he could hardly breathe. Very scary, just like when our 24 yo had croup as a child. After exams by student vets and staff vets and a chest xray, they determined he prob has a form of bordatella. our regular vet told us this am that it is going around and some dogs are getting it without contact with an infected animal. Surprised us! Oh well, he is on antibiotics and cough suppression. I'm so glad we went in though as he is worse today, can't imagine what he would be like if we hadn't already started the antibiotics.

So, needless to say, I'm ready for the distractions--of any type to Not Be Present.

My daughter is getting married and I need a smaller A**

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