Friday, September 26, 2008

oh give it up already

I think I've made it clear my democratic candidate of choice was Hillary Hillary Hillary. but we've got Hope instead.

well that is a lot better than this guy: Ole suspend my campaign so I can sit here mute in washington

experience my a**

and Palin. oh yeah, well she sure scored some pointed with us Americans on her interview with Couric didn't she? whew, that woman, was she even in the room with Katie or was she doing her own interview somewhere else?

and then we've got proposals for spending $700 billion of my tax money to save large financial institutions who should have known better--that was there job. who by the way, lost my money too--so, now we're throwing good money after bad?

how about spending that money on infrastructure on states, etc? food for the poor, homes for the homeless, etc.

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