Friday, January 4, 2008

Iowa Votes

And while I'm disappointed about how Hillary's placement, I'm also way pumped about the turnout. I don't know about everyone else's precinct but ours was PACKED. My husband had to drop us off and park two blocks away and we were at a new middle school! and all the kids my daughter's age that showed up--what an effect on them--for them to think they actually had an impact, because they did... and they'll come back due to the fact they were part of a transformative event! and that's cool. I know my daughter was excited and chattering with friends all night on the phone.

BUT Obama will have to come up with plans now... its one thing to say we want something different, we all do, but whats he going to bring to the table?

the other states voters will have to ask that question now. Meanwhile Hillary will continue to provide answers and be the Democratic candidate who can be the president on the first day.


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