Tuesday, November 27, 2007


The fourth Thursday of November is not the only day to give thanks, but a good reminder to list out loud what things we are grateful in our lives, so here, in no particular order Jess, in case this is the one day you decide to read my blog...

1. My daughter Jessica.. 22yrs old and graduating this december. the graduating is my expectations being met I know... but still I'm excited. She'll be moving away from central Iowa but its time we all grow up...

2. My husband Dean... who just this morning drove all the way back 35 miles so he could be with me while I tried to capture that rascal Spencer....

3. All the animals in this house... Gretchen, Madaline, Gabriel and yes, even that rascal Spencer who took total advantage of the nice guy at the dog food place and squirmed (yes Mr. Muscle) out of the car while he was trying to put the bag in... he then proceeded to run in the neighborhood (rural) for 45 mins before he finally came to me. Spencer will be spending the next few days in some serious call/recall training.

4. Matthew.

5. Knitting and quilting and all things fiber.

6. Growing, every day.

7. Home, local foods and work to keep me busy.

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